Ministry of National Security Issues Statement on Recent Quintuple Murder

Belmopan. June 24, 2019. The nation is undoubtedly and understandably concerned over the recent murder of five persons who reportedly went on a fishing expedition in the Swallow Caye area. The Ministry of National Security shares its sincere condolences with the grieving families. The Ministry gives assurance to the families and the public that all is being done to investigate and bring to justice those responsible for this heinous crime. The Ministry, however, reassures the public that there is no indication that there is any generalized threat to public safety.

The Ministry notes that there is a tendency for crime to spike after reports of illicit activities related to the transshipment of drugs that are destined for North America find its way on Belize’s shores. The Ministry has observed that each time there are reports of the transshipment of drugs through the country there are residual effects and consequences.

The Ministry of National Security cautions the public to stay away from any strange packages found floating at sea and report any such sighting to the nearest Police Station or Coast Guard base. Do not attempt to retrieve or take possession of any such packages.

The Ministry is confident that these types of incidences do not signify a decrease in the general safety and security of citizens. The Ministry assures the public that the Police Department in conjunction with the Belize Coast Guard has stepped up patrols along the coast and within Belize’s territorial waters.