Medfly Detection

Belmopan. May 13th, 2019. The Belize Agricultural Health Authority hereby informs the public that medflies have been detected in the Sapodilla Cayes, Dump in the Toledo District and Hopkins Village in the Stann Creek District. As a result of the medflies detected, eradication activities such as fruit stripping, increase trapping and chemical control have begun in Hopkins and the Sapodilla Cayes.

The public is being asked to refrain from taking fruits such as mango, cocoplum, and sea grapes, outside of these areas to prevent the spread of this pest. BAHA also reminds the public that Belize is free of the medfly and introductions only occur when people bring medfly host such as fresh fruits and vegetables illegally into the country.

The Belize Agricultural Health Authority urges Belizeans to keep Belize free of the medfly by obtaining a BAHA permit for any fresh fruit or vegetable importation.