Hunting Season for Iguana is Closed

Belmopan. February 15th, 2019. The Belize Forest Department hereby reminds the public that, the hunting season for iguanas is closed from February – June of each year as this is their breeding season. Any HUNTING OF IGUANAS is NOT ALLOWED at this time.

Closed seasons for game species are necessary to give wildlife the opportunity to reproduce. If hunting of these species occurs during the closed seasons it will eventually result in a drastic decline of wildlife populations. By respecting closed seasons, we help to ensure that wildlife populations remain healthy for the future.

The Forest Department also wishes to remind the public that as per the Wildlife Protection Act (CAP 220), a Hunter’s License is needed to hunt and sell the following game species:

  • Deer                •    Chachalaca
  • Gibnut      •    Black-throated Bobwhite
  • Armadillo      •    Great Currasow
  • Peccary      •    Crested Guan
  • Iguana      •    Blue-winged Teal
  • Lesser Scaup

Also, a valid Dealer’s License issued by the Forest Department is required for the sale of any game meat. The costs of these licenses are outlines below:

Type Cost

Annual Hunter’s License BZ $100

Annual Dealer’s License BZ $1000

3-Day Dealer’s License   BZ $100