Changes in Pump Prices for Regular Gasoline and Diesel Oil

Belmopan. April 10, 2019.  The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on April 11, 2019, the pump price for regular gasoline will increase by 39 cents from $10.21 to $10.60 per gallon, while the pump price for diesel oil will decrease by three cents from $10.29 to $10.26 per gallon.

These price changes reflect current market conditions which are influenced by the tightening in the production of oil from the OPEC Countries and by sustained high demand in the North American and Asian markets.

The Government of Belize is working closely with the fuel industry to ensure that prices remain as low as possible. 

The Government takes this opportunity to point out that in keeping with its stated policies it continues to pass through to the pump price any changes in the acquisition costs of fuel, whatever the direction or degree that such changes might be.